Hospitals & Medical Centers

Medical and Hospital Safety Services are Unique.

The only not for profit security services provider founded by former emergency room staff, CAL METRO has been serving the industry for 10 years; we’ve evolved into the leader in high stakes environments. Today, we have the ability to serve many of the nation’s leading hospital networks. We provide additional expertise in security systems integration, medical equipment management and emergency management, as well as targeted education and consulting.

Headquartered in San Diego, California, CAL METRO employs Public Safety Officers. But what sets us apart is our continual drive to enhance our client partnerships. CAL METRO exists to comfort and assure – with the industry’s most well-trained personnel and technical expertise. We’re not in it for the profit; it’s the inexplicable urge to help and protect others.

We are set above and apart from typical security providers because we provide the following services:

Consolidated off site video monitoring.

Consolidated off site dispatch services.

Interior/Exterior patrols.

Insurance covered security services for specific patients.

License Plate Reader Technology

Facial Recognition Technology

Pre-Employment Background Investigations

Risk Management and Control Services

Accident Injury Prevention Training

The service we are most proud of is our mutual assistance service. Unexpected emergencies can appear at any time. With Cal Metro, we plan ahead so we have staff available to respond to your site and provide additional staffing needs. From unexpected high patient acuity, to protests, or threats made. You never have to worry about staffing, overtime, or availability. Cal Metro is always available.

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