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Homeowners Association Security. Living in a homeowners association creates an opportunity for its members to benefit in many different ways.

By collecting monthly dues, its members can afford many services that an individual wouldn’t otherwise enjoy. Homeowners association security is one of those valuable services.

Boards of directors must respond quickly to reported risks or suspected criminal activities as part of their fiduciary duty to their members. If a problem is reported –or even simply foreseeable– and the board doesn’t act, the board members can be held liable. However, before shelling out money on security programs, it’s important for HOAs to assess their risks and develop realistic solutions best suited for their particular property.

For some HOA boards, implementing and enforcing their rules can be a challenge. Without an enforcement body, residents are expected to follow the rules by way of the honor system. However, trusting that all of your neighbors will do the right thing does not always prove successful, and some form of security enforcement ends up being needed.

Expecting HOA board members to do enforcement is not a workable solution, either. After all, they live in the neighborhood, and are neighbors with those they would have to police.

There is also a safety factor to consider. It is becoming more common for criminals from outside of the communities to wander into them and burglarize cars and homes. To complicate matters further for HOAs in California, the State has made it a legal duty for property owners to provide a safe and secure environment.

Here’s an example of horrific condominium security. Imagine the problems and crime that the lack of adequate security can invite in your condominium, complex, or neighborhood that is governed by a homeowners association.

Cal Metro provides the following services to satisfy the need of the Board and the people who live in their neighborhoods:

Conducting a Security Survey, Audit, or Assessment

Off-Site video monitoring

Enforce CC&R’s

Patrol Services

Parking Enforcement

Parking Permit Management

Process Service of Legal Documents

And Much More!

A very helpful solution that Cal Metro implements is the virtual parking pass. Visitors can purchase nightly parking permits online – using their license plate number as the pass. This provides a new source of revenue for the association!

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