Bail Compliance Checks


Bailee Compliance Checks are the most effective means to protect public safety, increase bail compliance, and verify information.


Cal Metro agents and their Warrant Division partner in conducting the operations. Through this concentrated effort of bail enforcement teamwork, bailees are  contacted at their residences to verify compliance with the terms and conditions of their bail.

Why Do Compliance Checks?

  • Public Safety. Bail Agents are the first step in becoming a responsible partner in public safety. Any Bail Agent who values their reputation knows, that having a bailee on their supervision without any supervision measures invites problems. If the Bailee reoffends, the agent could likely face public scrutiny and worse, lawsuits. For this reason, Compliance Checks are a safe and effective way to make sure the offender has not taken steps to cause concerns to public safety.

  • Bail Compliance. Bailees are reminded of their obligations to the bail agents and are more likely to comply, e.g. appear to court, make monthly payments, etc.

  • Information Verification. Bail Applications request specific information about the bailees residence, occupants, relatives, place of employment, assets, etc. The information can become stale or change as the case ages. Compliance checks give agents a way to keep the information fresh.

  • Appease Opponents of Bail. There has been a major push towards eliminating California’s Bail – YOUR CAREER. One major factor is that people who post bail are unsupervised, reoffend, and the safety of the public is in jeopardy. Performing Bail Compliance Checks is one way to defend against the arguments that bail agents release people that can harm the public.

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