Bail Compliance Check May 2018 #2

May, 2018.

Orange County, California. Bailee arrested for spousal battery, assault, and drug use. Bail set at $32,000.00. Indemnitor provided employment, residence, and vehicle information. Bailee failed to meet with bail agent – no photograph was available. A decision was made to conduct a bail compliance check.

Cal Metro agents attempted to contact the indemnitor at the address provided on the bail application. It was discovered the house was vacant and a realtor’s lock was on the front door. Neighbors said the resident move out last week (before the bail transaction).

A records check identified the bailees relatives, social media lead to a facebook profile. Cal Metro conducted a knock and talk at the bailees parents house. The parents said they have not seen him in over a month. Social Media posts showed a person with the same name and same city – a post showed a place of employment.

Cal Metro Agents went to the place of employment and spoke with the manager. The person who was employed was a relative of the bailee – but not the bailee. Cal Metro Agents were provided a picture of the bailees car (showing the license plate) and told that the family will lie to hide him.

A license plate recognition search was conducted and showed the car was operated earlier that day in Placentia, California. An area check was conducted. During the area check the indemnitor called the bail agent and agreed to meet later that day. Cal Metro followed up with the indemnitor to verify the meeting would occur – and in the background Cal Metro Agents could hear an intercom using medical terms. The indemnitor said the Bailee was in the hospital.

A search of nearby hospitals lead to the discovery of the bailees car. He was taken into custody.

Bail: $32,000.

Premium: $3,200

Cost of Compliance & Surrender: $500.00

Savings: $31,500

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