Bail Compliance Check May 2018

May, 2018.

ORANGE COUNTY, CALIFORNIA.  Bailee was arrested for Forgery and Identity Theft and bail was set at $20,000. The Bail was transacted online. Documents from the Indemnitor included pay stubs, State Issued Identification Card, and a bail application. The payor of the premium signed all payment information via docusign. All seemed in order.

The bail agent noticed something was not right and asked for a compliance check. The bailee’s phone was disconnected. The indemnitor’s place of residence was vacant. A background check revealed the bailee had 5 convictions out of another county for identity theft and forgery. In each of the prior five cases, the bailee forfeited bail and the bail agencies all had judgments paid – over $150,000.00.

Further investigation discovered the bailee’s place of residence, employment, and income were fabricated. The Indemnitor had used a stolen identity and forged a pay stub. The bail was paid with a stolen credit card. A decision was made to revoke the bail based upon the terms and conditions violations. The bailee refused to meet the bail agent. 

Ultimately, Cal Metro agents were able to locate the true identity of the indemnitor through records checks of the address provided. Having the indemnitor’s true name, a records check revealed she was on active parole for identity theft. A current residence was obtained. We also conducted a DMV records check to locate vehicles registered to the indemnitor. Once a license plate was obtained, Cal Metro conducted a computer search of locations where that License Plate was seen.

As a result of the investigation, Cal Metro agents were able to locate the bailee and surrender him prior to forfeiture.

Bail: $20,000.

Premium: $2,000

Cost of Compliance & Surrender: $750.00

Savings: $19,250.00

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