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Cal Metro offers multiple rates, plans, and add-on services to help you run your business in the most profitable manner.  From Flat Rate Contracts to Sliding Scale Rates to Price Per Activity. We have a plan that will fit your operation.

Sliding Scale Rate

Our rates are based on a sliding scale based upon the date of forfeiture. Cases submitted within the Forfeiture Date range below are charged the Percentage indicated to the right.

Assignment/Forfeiture Date Percentage of Bond Base
131 days to 180 days 10% + $2500.00
121 days to 150 days 8% + $1500.00
91 days to 120 days 6% + $950.00
61 days to 90 days 4% + $850.00
31 days to 60 days 3% + $750.00
Surrender/ 0 days to 30 days 2% $500.00
For Example:A $25,000 bond assigned in 31 days would be $750.00 plus a base fee of $500.00 for a total cost of: $1,250.00

We do offer expedited services for recoveries that require immediate action. If the service is completed after the immediate action request, the service add-on is waived.
Special Services

Service Add-On’s Cost
Bail Compliance Check $250.00
Bailee Surrender $500.00
Emergency Action Completed (Within 8 Hours) $400.00
Priority 1 Action Completed (Within 24 Hours) $300.00
Priority 2 Action Completed (Within 48 Hours) $200.00
Priority 3 Action Completed (Within 72 Hours) $100.00
Out of County Arrest $150.00
For Example:A Priority 1 ($400) Bail Surrender ($500) would be $900.00.

Investigative Services

Is the bail application information stale? Cal Metro offers several additional services available as an as needed basis.

Comprehensive Skip Trace Report $75.00

Property Deed Retrieval Service $25.00

Reverse Phone Number Report $75.00

Criminal History Search, County Based $75.00

Social Media Monitoring (continuous) $100.00

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