Revocation Services

Pre-Forfeiture Arrests Are Common For Bail Violators

Protect Your Interests And Prevent Forfeitures

Change Address Without Notification

Defendant's May Be On The Run Before They Miss Court. We Can Enforce The Change Of Address Bail Term.

Commit New Crimes

Defendants On Bail That Commit Additional Crimes Increase The Risk For Forfeiture And Pose As Threats To Public Safety. We Can Enforce The No New Crime Bail Term.

Falsified Applications

Bail Agents Rely On Bail Applications When Posting A Bail. We Can Verify The Information To Minimize The Risk Of Forfeiture!

Co-Signer Updates

Most Indemnitors Are Significant Others. When The Relationship Ends Suddenly, The Defendant May Need A New Indemnitor. Collateral Contacts Make Sure Your Assets Are Covered!